Field of  SUBSTATION  Automation and engineering affairs and activities


By using specialized personnel, Nick Andishan energy company fulfills related obligations to perform and commission automation system of high voltage substations with various brands such as Siemens, ABB, ZIV, GE. Said company include of specialized automation system lab, equipped to required tools to perform related tests as protection, control, system engineering, and simulator.

Beside to performing high voltage substation automation projects, the other major activities of this company includes of study and evaluation of required standards and requirements to test and use automation systems.

Also below purposes have been defined in company affairs:

Feasibility study and establishment of reference labs to test automation system capability and related software.

According to company progress and relaying on specialized knowledge and experiences, it is ready to perform necessary test as factory acceptance test (FAT)and evaluation of current high voltage substation automation system capabilities of country to other contractors.  




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