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Today industrial automation and instrument application have been extended in various industrial processes and industries complex measurement system and process control that have been used in industries as power plant, petroleum, Gas, petrochemical, chemical, nutritional and vehicle manufacturing industries require sensitive and precise instruments. Due to recent technical advances of process control and measurement of various industrial parameters, product quality have been increased and related costs have been decreased, some of these parameters include of pressure, temperature, current and etc.

Now, promotion of product qualitative level in various industries and quantitative increase of product are basic goal of industrial sector. Industrial managers recognized importance of this issue and attempts to achieve this purpose. To increase quality and quantity of product, using advanced and automatic machineries would be necessary.

Using these machineries, most of labor phases would be performed automatic without need to human resource. To achieve performance goal ,automatic control unit would be required that includes of programmable logic control system (for example PLC).

Using specialized personnel and modern equipment in relation to industrial automation, Nick Andishan Energy company performs optimization and update control system and traditional power plant maintenance based on new technology and automation of old industrial units.



:Industrial Automation Projects



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