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Telemetry means process of measuring parameters or gathering information of one to several remote or non-accessible stations and information transfer through automatic interface as data is sent to monitoring unit from remote stations.

SCADA systems are used to monitor or control of chemical processes, transportation , urban water supply systems, electric energy distribution and production control, gas and petroleum pipeline and other developed and distributed processes.

Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition (SCADA) means data gathering from various points, monitoring and controlling it. SCADA follows Distributed Control System principals. although two systems are based on same purpose but there is significant difference. Some of this difference is type of application and efficiency of systems. SCADA is not a perfect control system, but it may be introduced as system to supervisory, control evaluation, gathering information, definition of primary requirement of design and monitoring, decision making supervision, alarm handling during necessary time.

the core of system is advanced software packages that may be installed on identified hardware as PLC or RTU. 

using technical knowledge of personnel and related equipments to telemetry and exploitation in water, Gas, and other industries, Nick Andishan Energy Company provides services as active company in field of industrial automation. also the company evaluates and studies exploitation problems of water and sewage facilities to provide executive solutions.



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